Although coral reefs of Polynesia are among the best
preserved from the planet, they are under human
pressure and climatic conditions that alter them

Grafting is the magical act of gardening an ecosytem

Life under sustains life on Earth

Who is ECOREEF ?

Ecoreef is an NGO created in September 2022 on the initiative of Heidi Andersen, Fred Delobelle and Mathieu Kerneur. Today, Ecoreef is supported and led by Fanny Fouque, nurse and professional diver who is committed to promoting the association in the Pacific region.

Who funds the association?

For the moment, its main source of financing is the company Aquaservices, which has worked for 20 years in the hotel sector and participates in the development of maritime concessions for hotels on the island of Moorea.

Specialized in the field of reef restoration thanks to a simple and effective cutting technique, the company yields approximately 20% of the revenue which is achieved through an eco-tourism activity offered to customers of partner hotels (Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Sofitel Kia Ora Beach Resort).

The second source of financing lies in the possibility of making a donation to the association thanks to Hello Asso.

What are the actions being taken?

The association works on 5 axes of development:

  • ecosystem restoration: management, maintenance, graftings, nursery, transplantation…
  • Education: hotel guests, hotel staff, partnership with schools…
  • Training: diver-cutting school project, primarily oriented towards the local population
  • Conservation: fight against global warming, fight against anthropogenic causes, active participation in the success of environmental projects: ifrecor, Pew, Life…
  • Accessibility: develop/facilitate access to the lagoon and the cuttings activity for people with reduced mobility (project in progress at the Sofitel in Moorea)

You want to give the coral some love ?

We will convey it for you !